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Pomme and pain

It may just be me, but I have trouble with pain and pomme in the listen and type parts. They sound very similar and I usually put the other and get it incorrect. This happen to anyone else?

July 8, 2012



If you keep having this problem: When you suspect there is an apple or a bread in the phrase: hit the slow button. pain: the vowel sounds like somebody drawing out the e in pet. pommes: like the o in pot. Further the nasal: pain: n is no n, it is made in the nose, with back of the tongue slightly higher than in the sound -ng_ (sing)


Yes I agree, I have difficulty with the audio generally. I think the sound could be improved.


It can get worse. Try "it pleure" and "il pleut". That was once given to me on a French placement lest. >> French culture coming << There is a poem by Jacques Prevert that has a line or two line that go "il pleut dans le ville comme it pleure dans son coeur". Or maybe it's the reverse. At any rate, one means "it's raining" and the other "he'scrying".


Not having the problem any longer. Had it big time in the beginning. I now mostly use the articles to differentiate between the two. Must admit, I do hit the Slow button at times to make sure.


Let's not fixate on the difficulties. Yes, it is an artificial voice, but not a very bad one at that. Keep your goal in mind: you want to learn French. In real life, there will be a context which helps enormously to understand. Try to hear the different between "de", "du" and "des". That gives and indication about the following word. It happens all the time to me, that only after the whole phrase the meaning becomes clear. And cheer up: for some reason the course is rife with phrases about the "pain" and the "pommes". You can't not learn it.

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