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  5. "Das Baby übernimmt."

"Das Baby übernimmt."

Translation:The baby is taking over.

March 29, 2013

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I do not understand the meaning of this sentence, can somebody use other words to express the same thing? Thanks!


I 'd say that this means that the baby is the focus of the parents' life, so much so that other aspects of their life are now... gone.


warum nicht:" Das Baby nimmt über"?


Weil "Über" trennbar und nicht trennbar sein kann.


That would be, I guess, if there was an object.

Mein Mitarbeiter nimmt es über.

Or perhaps, that is also wrong.

[deactivated user]

    I read this as overtaking, ie. passing in the left lane in a car. Same meaning?


    Das wäre: "Das Baby überholt"


    What does it mean "Das Baby übernimmt."? Because I have seen an expression like "Die Firma übernimmt."


    It means somebody else worked on some criminal case and now is replaced by the baby. When "übernimmt" stands alone, it is always about some investigation or about steering something like a spaceship.

    When it takes over other things like a shop, you had better put that in as an accusative object:

    "Das Baby übernimmt den Laden"

    "Das Baby übernimmt die Führung der Kampfeinheit 7."

    "Das Baby übernimmt die Leitung der Forschungsstation."

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