"Ich renne im Hemd."

Translation:I run in a shirt.

March 29, 2013

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Isn't this sentence incorrectly translated? "Im" is a contraction of "in dem", and "dem" is a definite article. Hence, shouldn't it be "I run in the shirt"?


you are right. Duolingo took a heart from me when I wrote "a" before. Im is indeed in dem.


Duolingo took a heart from me when I wrote "in the shirt"! So....?


So report it when you come across the error again.


Yes I agree with the comment


Shouldn't It be or at least accept "I run with a shirt on"? I run with a shirt makes me think of someone holding a shirt while He runs or even accompanied by a shirt


I run with a shirt but naked XD


What purpose does it serve to say a sentence like this? Can someone clarify?


Duolingo is full of pointless sentences like this. Just go with it.


Thanks, I thought maybe there is some secret meaning in it. Doesn't harm to ask. :)


This sentence is not strange. I think that means "I run and wear shirt".


This might also be something that a little bug would say


Can "Ich renne mit einem Hemd" have the same meaning?


"What do you wear when you exercise?"


this was helpful. I'm not a native English speaker and I really wondered what that could mean. Anyway, really do native English speakers use that sentence to say what they're wearing when they exercise ?


Yes, we may say that. More of an explanation though, like in response to "why is the shirt sweaty?" It wouldn't really be used as a comment without context. (Like if some just walks into the room and announces that they "run in the shirt". That would be odd. They could announce that they run in "this" shirt though.)


I hear what you are dsying but have to disagree a bit. I can see someone answering, "Because I was running," when asked why their shirt is sweaty. I'm sure there is a situation out there somewhere in which this response is warranted, but it certainly wouldn't be common. I run in a shirt would be much more common. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter; Duo gives us sentences that don't fit the mold to help us further grasp the language.


I did not mean to imply that it would be a common sentence/reply. I mainly just meant that it isn't a "clumsy yet grammatically correct" sentence like we sometimes see here. More to help the non-native English speakers with their English than anything else, per PaoloArman2's request.


So verbs LAUFEN and RENNEN are synonims? Is there any rule when use one or another verb?


Can someone explain this to me please? Hemd is neuter (das Hemd). And "in" is a "two-way" preposition. If the sentence is aktiv it takes the Akkusativ form. Since they are running, that seems aktiv. Achso, das Hemd...In das Hemd...Ins Hemd. I don't understand why it is Im Hemd. :O


"Ich renne im Hemd" = I am running in a shirt (as in you are wearing the shirt). There is no action into the shirt.

"Ich renne ins (in das) Hemd" = I am running into a shirt. There is movement here into the prepositional phrase.


Many websites translate rennen as 'to race'. Why did I lose a heart for " I race in the shirt"?


What about pants? :X


I knew it was 'I run in a shirt' but I thought, nah, can't be. What kind of sentence is that??


I got it right with "I am running in shirt" very Englishy


If its an idiom it should be noticed Else put that hemd in your pocket duo.

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