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"Proč není žena šťastnější?"

Translation:Why isn't my wife happier?

August 14, 2018



Why do we use “má” and not “je” here?


"Má" in this sentence means "my," not "has." It is an alternative to "moje."


Of course – my bad. Thank you. Your answers are always helpful.


I love duolingo as it helps me in Czech a lot, but I am a little disappointed. Why aren´t here tips and why are these lessons without them? I have come across with many lessons already that are without any tips but we study extremely important and useful things there.


I have managed to find some free time to write the Tips for the Family 2 skill. They should appear live soon, if you want to check now and then ;)


→ AgnusOinas, děkuji mnohokrát!


So this is how the topic was selected? I tried to cast a wider net, now forgotten: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34781570


Yes, this was the impulse. I checked which skill it was and I felt good about writing something about the comparative, so the impulse and the demand alligned with my willingness in that moment, and results happened :)


We're ALL disappointed! :-(

Creating the Tips and Notes takes a lot of time, especially when writing explanations for the more complex topics that turn up as you work through the course. Since the course team consists entirely of volunteers who also have non-Duolingo lives and responsibilities, it is challenging to find the time to (a) conceptualize the content effectively and (b) figure out how to cram that content into (often insufficient) character limits.

But progress is slowly being made, so that's a good thing! :-)


The later Skills are missing the Tips because no one has created them yet.

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