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  5. "My brother is coming today."

"My brother is coming today."

Translation:मेरा भाई आज आ रहा है ।

August 14, 2018



How to use the Hindi Keyboard? So far there were always the Hindi words provided, just to click on ...


Download SwiftKey keyboard from play store. Set it up. Go into its language setting and download हिन्दी. Enable English as well as हिन्दी.


Would "मेरे भाई आज आ रहे हैं" be completely wrong? I was thinking that one could be talking about their brother with the respectful form, as e.g. for the grandfather.


That would be "मेरे भईया आज आ रहे हैं।"( you will hear that in most hindi movies) (very common indeed) OR in some regions you may hear" मेरे भाई साहब आज आ रहे हैं।"( more respect full version) ..... whereas "मेरे भाई आज आ रहे हैं।" gives impression that your 2 or more brothers are coming..........


Hi anyone here knows hindi

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