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Did I just lose 8 XP by making a translation?

No, I didn't. But for a while there I was fooled.

minus 8 points

Achieved by making an edit, and then cancelling my upvote on my edit. The first time I cancelled my upvote, I got -3 XP; but the upvote reappeared, so I cancelled it again, and got -8 XP.

Reloading the page reset my XP to 2. So I didn't lose anything after all. But it's still a bug.

May 3, 2014



Question: why did you cancel your upvote?


It was an experiment. I noticed that whenever I made an edit, I automatically voted myself up. So I wondered what would happen if I unvoted. I tried it, and the bug was quickly discovered.


Looks like you're a troublemaker! :) Probably the first in Duolingo history to downvote yourself. That's what you get for being modest.


Nope, not the first. I tried it too, a while back. It didn't give me any errors, by the way.

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