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Question: How does Duolingo compare with college spanish?

Hi Duolingo, I know you guys internally have some idea of how the Duolingo course material compares with college spanish (whether SAT II or whatever standardized test). Could you share how it compares? For example, I'm at the third unlock checkpoint - is that like, one semester, one year, or two years? I'm just trying to gauge my learning rate against a real-world equivalent. Thanks!

March 29, 2013



There has been a study to compare the effectiveness of Duolingo with the method Rosetta Stone and with college classes. You can find the full report in this discussion: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/138340


It doesn't. It's much more elementary than what I learned as a Spanish minor as an undergrad, and it lacks the seminar environment. It's a different beast, one that if it's calibrated to scholastic teaching would probably be more the equivalent of high school Spanish (or German, or French...). Not college. Not by a long shot.

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