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"Das ist zwischen mir und ihnen."

Translation:This is between me and them.

March 29, 2013



why "you" is not accepted like translation for "ihnen"?

EDIT: i realise why, you is with capital I


Just to clarify, does this mean "there is confidential information between me and them" in German as it means in English, or merely there is some physical object between us?


Is "that is between me and her" wrong? Because the hint showed that.


Isn't it proper english to say between him and I, not between me and them?


Nope, you can't use I here, just as you can't say "This is under I" or "behind I" or "above I". You're mixing it up with common mistake to say "You and me are going there", that one should be "You and I".


No. "Between me and them" and "between them and me" are both grammatically correct, but "I" cannot be a prepositional pronoun.


You are supposed to always name the other person first and then yourself


"Proper" yes, but I cannot recall the last time Ive heard someone say "him and I" in the real world (in spoken english).. it sounds way too formal so no one does it.


When "him" would be correct, "me" is also correct.

"I" is the subject form -- nominative. "Me" is the object form -- accusative. Thus: He gave it to me. He gave it to me and her.

"Me and my sister went to the store," however, should formally be "My sister and I went to the store." That's because it's the subject, not the object, in this example.

Now, I am cheerfully comfortable with the colloquial spoken "Me and my sister went to the store," and will happily go on using it in speech.

Isn't it interesting the people have concluded that the formal rule is "never use "me" in compounds, whether subject or object" -- rather than "never use me in the subject"? Some grammarians feel that there's something special about compound subjects and objects...


It's definitely TOO formal; it's a hypercorrection (correcting one mistake so far that you are making the opposite mistake).


Why is it ihnen?


"ihnen" = plural, (e.g. a group of people)


This "between me and them" stuff is so far gone that now I hear it in historical movies. You may say what you like now, but I assure you, proper English ladies fifty years ago did not say that.

(Just getting it off my chest.)


The slow motion audio here definitely sounds like "wir" and not "mir".


I wrote "That is between me and her" and got that wrong. Why cant ihnen be her in this case?


How should "zwischen" be pronounced? I was taught, that, the German "W" was pronounced like and English V, but in Duolingo is always pronounced like the English "W".


Won't except correct answer


This is between me and them is incorrect english. "This is between them and I" is the correct english here, as "me" is incorrect and poor english. Correct english is "You and I" or "Them and I" or "He and I" etc. Therefore "this is between them and I" should be excepted


You should never put "I" or any other subject pronoun after prepositions like "between," even with a compound object.


I wrote "That is between them and I." That would be the proper English translation, not "me and them."


People say it, increasingly, but it's never been proper.

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