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  5. "Was he here at six?"

"Was he here at six?"

Translation:Byl tady v šest?

August 14, 2018



hodin should be accepted. at 6 is the same as at 6 o'clock!


I guess I never really considered that six o'clock is necessarily different from just saying six in English and I did get this wrong because I included hodin in my answer, but I think the point of being specific about this is to show us that they also sometimes say the hour without saying o'clock in Czech.


That's a good point.

What I found confusing is that the word bank offered me the word "hodin". Naughty word bank!


Why yes? There is no hour or clock in the English sentence.


That seems like a very pedantic reason to not accept hodin.


There is simply no reason, really. It actually is a lot of work to add unnecessary translations that someone might consdider "similar". It is not just "not accepting", it takes lots of manpower to add translations everywhere. To limit the necessary effort we have the Duolingo Golden rule.


But in other sentences, where hour is absent, answer without hodin is wrong. Such selectivity is wierd.

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