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  5. С чем хотите ваше кофе?


С чем хотите ваше кофе?

what do you want your coffee with? with milk.

с чем хотите ваше кофе? c молоком.

is this translation correct?

August 14, 2018



Russian would ask,- С чем вы хотите кофе? Not - “ваше кофе”. What do you want coffee with.


almost. The sentence is grammatically right but Russian people mostly say "ваш кофе"(male noun) xd coffee is a tricky word. Yes, It should be neuter (if following the rules) but people usually say "ваш кофе". both options are officially recognized though


It should be neuter (if following the rules)

The story which is most probably behind it is that when coffee was first imported (the product itself along with the word to call it), it was "кофий" - similar to "чай". And, obviously, it was treated as a masculine noun.

Then the spelling changed to closer reflect the European versions, and the word turned into "кофе" while its gender stuck.


С чем вы хотите кофе?
С чем вы желаете кофе? = What would you like your coffee with?

Normally, you would hear:
С чем вам сделать кофе? = What shall I make your coffee with?


"ваш кофе" is perfectly usable in all the combinations above, especially if the waiter/barista plays it with style.

"ваше кофе" would be a stylistic failure worth a massive face-palm, because it would ruin the stylish impression for which the possessive pronoun is used in the first place.

Note: while due to the recent amendments "кофе" is now de jure recognized as a neuter noun as well as a masculine noun (which it has always been), de facto the change is still largely perceived as semi-literate school-skippers have grown up, gained the upper hand and banned the teachers they've always hated, and using "кофе" as neuter noun marks you as one of those school-haters who avenge the normal people who they consider nerds for being able to learn and remember that "кофе" is masculine.

TL;DR: neuter "кофе" sometimes makes people cringe.


Style, yes! These days, baristas would even offer you латЭ which is an English hyper-foreign latté (lattè).


you are right..funny enough, latte is actually Starbucks culture invented false italian-sounding term;

in Italy from what I understand asking for a latte will get you a glass of milk..:-)) italians drink caffé latte..and not "latte" which means simply "milk"


very good comments,and to the point..I lived in Russia as a very young person (grew up there) and remember that coffee was used as masculine..(чёрный кофе..) in my experience it is not used with "yours" (ваш) simply say вы с чем хотите кофе? или : с чем хотите кофе? yes historically it was masculine


By recent you mean, like, 80 years ago?


The first official acceptance of "кофе (м. и ср. род)" appeared in the dictionaries by late 1980s, as far as I recall. Still today, it is a matter of jokes:

Клиент: Один кофе...
Бармен: Наконец-то, грамотный клиент!
Клиент: ...и один булочка!


I have a 1974 dictionary focusing on usage that says the same as what modern dictionaries say ("КОФЕ нескл м. и (разг) ср").

The article in Ушаков's dictionary was very similar. The first edition was published in the late 1930s, I think.

Admittedly, I did not check dictionaries older than that.


It is quoted as colloquial today, as well, but is not considered a grave mistake anymore. Shift of the norm, they say.


хорошая шутка


С чем хотите ВАШ кофе (мужской род). Но ещё лучше без "ваш" - с чем хотите кофе

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