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  5. "वह बच्ची जा रही है ।"

"वह बच्ची जा रही है "

Translation:That child is going.

August 14, 2018



Could “That child is leaving” also work?


Yes. Should be accepted.


Yes , it can be used


I found really funny knowing that «बच्ची» = «child» is actually a cousin word of English «veteran», quite the opposite! How come? Well the explanation is that they both derive from the Proto-Indo-European «wétos» = «year». But while in the Sanskrit route (via Sanskrit «बत्स» = «calf») took the meaning of «person/animal of about one year of age», in the Latin route instead (via Latin «vetus» = «old») took the meaning of «having many years».

Amazing and ironic at the same time, isn't it?


i am a bit confused about the verb जा. So far for the verb to go I always used jatha; what is the difference between the two?


It's two different times. Present simple and present continuous. वह बच्ची जा रही है (that child is going) is going- means now, at the moment. वह बच्ची जाती है (that child goes) usually, or sometimes, or generally.

when forming present continuous, you need to divide the base verb, and leave only the root for example: जाता जा+ता, आता आ+ता


I'm not a native speaker but from what i learned jata "जाता" means go/goes and ja"जा" is used for going Don't take this as correct wait for someone who's sure Good luck


Yes I think I got it now. If you wanna use the present continuous you cut the last part of the verb and add रहा

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