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Teaching approach and student age

Hello everyone,

I have 2 questions: -What age would be best to let spanish students learn English with Duolingo -What would be the best approach for teaching using Duolingo in a classroom setting.

Situation sketch: I'm a Belgian engineering student and 2 years ago I did a project for a community in the north of Perú. When I was there I met a teacher who asked me to help him teach English.

At the moment every Peruvian student gets taught English in school. But in reality not a single Peruvian can speak English in the north of Perú. When I spoke with the English teacher my first observation was that their pronunciation is really bad. They speak words out as they read them on paper (which doesn't work for English).

Now I'm returning to the school and the director of the school asked if I could help in some way. As stated in the questions above I'm quite free to pick the age of the students since it's a school that combines high school and elementary school.

There is a computer room with internet connectivity. They also have a projector in the classroom.

What would be the best approach for teaching them English:

-Do joint exercises with the projector -Give a small introduction to each skill and let the students complete the skill individually -Give it as home work (might be difficult, they don't always have computer access) -other suggestions..?

Another option would be to have some interaction with Belgian students that have studied Spanish at the University. Although it might perhaps be more interesting to let these students teach the English teachers (the English of the teachers is very low level)

Any advice/experience?

August 14, 2018

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