"वह क्या पूछती है ?"

Translation:What does she ask?

August 14, 2018

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Is "What did she ask" wrong?


Yes - because it's grammatically (correct but) different, past tense.


That would be the translation for "उसने क्या पूछा?"


It should be What is she asking?


That's more natural English, but Duolingo is requiring grammatical similarity - making sure we understand the difference between पुछ्ती & पुछ रही।


Still cannot understand why sometimes kya is first word but other times the second or third.


When it's first, you can read it like 'is it the case that' - i.e. everything that follows beceomes a yes/no question.

Otherwise, it means 'what'.

क्या तुम्हें चाय पसँद है? Do you like tea?

नहीं? तुम्हें क्या पसँद है? No? What do you like?


If it is a yes/no question then kya is first, if the answer will be longer, the it goes after the subject.


I used ''what does she asks?'' and it marked the answer as wrong


That doesn't make sense in English.


DOES (the helper verb) is already conjugated in the third person, so ask is not conjugated: "What does she ask?" [Never "She does asks (What)" / "What does she asks?" ]


I put the sensible English 'what is she asking' and was marked wrong in favour of what does she ask, which is not right in English.


It's grammatically fine English, if a little hard to imagine how it might arise. (It could though - 'she's constantly asking questions!' - 'really? What does she ask?')

The trouble with 'what is she asking' is that it's a grammatically different sentence; Duolingo is checking we know the difference between पूछती & पूछ रही।


When would you say poochthi and poochtha? Can someone please explain. Thanks


Do you mean why is it पूछती here and not पूछता, what's the difference? The English verb 'ask' would be the same in either case - but in Hindi it's telling us that 'वह' is female; that's why it translates to 'she'. For पूछता everything else would be the same but वह would now be 'he'.

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