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  5. "Peter will not eat in April."

"Peter will not eat in April."

Translation:पीटर अप्रैल में नहीं खायेगा।

August 15, 2018



Is putting the time reference first wrong? I.e. is this wrong:

अप्रैल में पीटर नहीं खायेगा


This sentence make no sense, as in it will never be used in common usage. I am pretty sure some of the other learners here might think of a context in which this sentence may be used as in if Peter is going to fast for a month. Duolingo is not very good when it comes to trying to teach the most useful lines that will come in handy for the new learners in day to day use of a new language. End Rant


I disagree — teaching you bizarre sentences forces you to focus on the construction of them & that in turn makes it easier to make your own sentences later on rather than just memorising things at the start and then trying to break thay habit.

It's also harder to guess yourself to a pass in lessons if it's as likely to be "Sit on the cat" vs "Sit on the chair" :)


पीटर अप्रैल में मर जायेगा। :-(

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