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Klingon Practice feature

Is it possible for the moderators to adjust how the Practice feature works? It seems like the Practice has changed so that it only presents me with words from the units I am working on or have just worked on rather than words from all of the units so far completed. In the French Practice, I always had the feeling that Practice was remembering where I was, which words and grammatical points I was having trouble with, and presenting me with these things until I "got" it.

As another user mentioned, I have also been making use of Tiny Cards to help me remember the vocabulary. This wasn't so necessary in the beginning, but as more and more words are presented, it's helpful to have a way to review all of the words. I've notice that the first Level of each practice Unit presents all of the new words for that Unit and so it's easy to add the new words to a Tiny Cards set as they are presented. Also, it's possible to put sets of Tiny Cards into a folder and use the Tiny Cards Practice feature to review words from all the sets. If you don't want to make your own Tiny Cards, there are a lot of users who have made sets of cards for Klingon.

August 15, 2018

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I'm afraid forum moderators and course contributors (they're the same for the Klingon course, but not necessarily for others) have no influence on the Duolingo algorithm: what gets graded how, which kinds of exercises to use, etc.

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