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"He always lives alone and helps the people."

Translation:Er wohnt immer alleine und hilft den Menschen.

March 29, 2013



In the English phrase, the 'always' affects both 'lives alone' and 'helps the people', to mean otherwise you would have to insert an additional 'he' after the conjunction.

It doesn't sound to me like the German phrase is the same, anyone got any ideas?


I see there are two options given by duolinguo as solutions: "Er wohnt immer allein und hilft den Menschen" and "Er wohnt immer alleine und hilft den Menschen". I don't understand why the only difference is the word "allein"/"alleine" - am I missing something ?


"er wohnt immer alleine und er hilft den Menschen" is not accepted, due to the second "er"...

In deutsch you can say this? "Ich spiele und ich arbeite"... or it is a rule that only the subject must appear in the first sentence: "Ich spiele und arbeite"


No, the subject can appear in both.

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