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  5. "We write a letter."

"We write a letter."

Translation:Nous écrivons une lettre.

March 29, 2013



Why isnt it lettre?


the Owl says "Remember that you can always hover over words to see their translation." but when I hover over words it says "You Peeked" as if it is trying to guilt trip me for being weak, and looking. why do you want to make me feel bad about trying to learn :(


To overcome your guilt, I suggest you open another bookmark with your favorite online free dictionary and check on words there as you go (another benefit: good dictionaries are more accurate than Duolingo...)


why is "on" used here instead of "nous"


French people very often use "on" instead of "nous" because the conjugations are easier in 3rd person singular. Therefore, every English sentence with "we" as a subject can translate to "nous" or "on".

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