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How many times yet?

I'm fed up with the sentence "J'aime manger du pain et boire du lait". Holy crap, is there a worldwide shortage in French sentences? I generously submit some alternatives:

J'aime manger le viande et boire une biere. J'aime boire du vin et manger du pate. J'aime boire du the et boire du lait.

Some variety, please!

July 8, 2012



Heh, nice one - yes things can get a little repetitive sometimes I agree with you on that lumogas. I recall one lesson where I was literally translating the same sentence back and forth from French to English about seven or eight times. I'm sure in time more will be added, but us early adopters just have to be happy with it as is for now.


yes, nice proposals. except that you should write : j'aime manger LA viande j'aime manger DES PÂTES


There is another too frequent: Il lit le journal et tu lis un livre.

And the tasks in Pronouns and Adverbs units are repeated too often, so that I practise a lot of words that I already remember, but miss the less frequent words.

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