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  5. "That man is from America."

"That man is from America."

Translation:वह आदमी अमेरिका से है।

August 15, 2018



What about वह अदमी अमेरिका स में है । or वह अदमी अमेरिका में स है । ?


Why have you put that स in both the sentences? It means nothing.

वह आदमी अमरीका में है - That man is in America.

वह आदमी अमरीका से है - That man is from America.


Unfortunately they don't accept अमरीका so वह आदमी अमरीका से है is marked incorrect.


वह अदमी अमेरिका से है। Because it is That man is from America.


What is the purpose of से? I am confused between the use of से and में


"से"→from "में"→ in


For those who understand the sounds but do not know the characters... You should voice the sentence when someone clicks on it so we can hear what's being said. When u click on the phrase, nothing is said but in other language classes on duo lingo, they do say the phrases whne clicked on


Couldn't you use हैं in the honorific sense, in the same way you'd refer to someone elder as आप and use हैं with that? Or would you have to pluralise the demonstrative and use ये (much as that would leave the sentence ambiguous as to number)? Otherwise is there simply no honorific third person form where there is in the 2nd person, or another way I've not guessed?


There is no "period" (।) in the options, yet it says I got it wrong because I didn't put it in, but how could I when it was not in the word bank?


That's wrong - यह गलत है

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