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  5. "मैं उस घर में रहता हूँ।"

"मैं उस घर में रहता हूँ।"

Translation:I live in that house.

August 15, 2018



Ok, maybe this is a question with an obvious answer but I am confused... up to this point I have been taught by Duo that "that/he" is expressed with वह but now I am shown उस... what is the difference?


उस is the oblique form of वह. Try to see "वह घर" as one unit which as a whole is subject to case changes.

वह घर - That house.
उस घर का/में/से/तक - Of/In/From/Up to that house.


Is उस also the oblique form of यह? How about वे ये?


No, यह becomes इस in the oblique case. वे ये -> उन इन


Duo should use a male voice for this sentence since रहता is a masculine verb.


I want to talk in English but their was no English options here.

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