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"Tak rychlého koně také potřebujeme."

Translation:We also need a horse that swift.

August 15, 2018



I don't understand the construction. Why doesn't this sentence translate into we also need that swift horse


As far as I remember you are a native English speaker so you know the difference, but just repeat, perhaps for others: "We also need that swift horse." would mean some particular that horse which is also swift, so that swift horse. We need that particular horse, which also happens to be swift.

We also need a horse that swift. means we want A horse that is that swift as something we probably can see or what somebody just told us about. Or as swift as the horse the speaker we are talking to owns.

Tak rychlého is literally so swift, so fast, so indeed we (také - also) want a horse that is so swift as something we know.


Ah, so, if you insist on using "that" rather than "so" or "such", it literally means "We also need that swift a horse." It is a fine distinction, but "We also need a horse that fast/swift" though generally misused literally means something along the lines of ours needs its oats (equine equivalent of Wheaties for breakfast) too . . .


I reported this English translation as very unnatural. "We also need such a fast horse" or "We also need a horse as fast as that" would be much better, I think. Swift is also a rather unusual word, compared to quick or fast.


Why not: "We also need such a swift horse."


That is accepted. If the system rejects it, use "My answer should have been accepted" and we will see your actual answer in the reporting system. Most often, people make a typo or forgot a word and do not realize. Sometimes Duoliingo rejects valid answers because of some bug.


Why not "we also need a swift horse like that" ?


Maybe this will help: how fast/swift a horse do you need? We need a horse that swift (swift like that fast horse over there)


Thank you. I confirm I am a UK native English speaker and understand the distinction you have explained so well. I understand if také actually means so rather than that and is more of a comparison than indicative. I thought rychlého was an adjective describing horse.


It is actually an adjective describing the horse. I thing maybe the closest to the Czech sentence is "We also need such a swift horse." which I think is very different from that swift horse which would be that we need that particular horse *toho rychlého koně".


What about: "We need a horse as fast as that one."


That is a bit indirect.

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