"आपको ठंडा पानी चाहिए।"

Translation:You need cold water.

August 15, 2018

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So चाहिए can mean "need" as well as "want"?


Need can specifically be translated to ज़रूरत if you want to avoid any confusion. But चाहिए, without context, can mean both need and want.


Thanks for this. I have found this a bit difficult to assimilate. But without any obvious context, couldn't this be either "want" or "need". Some of these sentences have given me wrong for using "want". Are they mistaken?


Feel free to report it if it marks you wrong... for example, I would have put this as "want" if not for the wordbank


Wait i thought ज़रुरत was the noun form of need because whenever we wanted stuff my dad would always say ज़रुरत नहीं है


It is a noun.
The way it would be used is:
मुझे पानी की ज़रूरत है - I need water (though it is literally something like 'To me, there is need of water').

ज़रूरत conveys a more stronger need than चाहिए. You can use the sentence with चाहिए at a restaurant when asking for water. But the sentence with ज़रूरत implies that it is absolutely necessary that you get water.
Also, note the spelling of ज़रूरत. It has the long 'u' sound.


im confused about when you use aapko, aapki, aapka etc. It makes no sense to me rn.


"chahiye" requires dative (oblique) case. appko is in dative case.


I wrote "want" and they said I was wrong and should have used need. This needs to be corrected.


Let me make sure: both आप and तुम can be both singular and plural?


From what i understand from other peoples' spoken hindi, if you speak this sentence with an inflection, it is understood to be a question. If you speak it without the inflection it is just a declaritive sentence?


It is a declarative statement but you're right that when spoken with a certain inflection, it can function as a question (similar to certain varieties of English).

Formally, the way to make it into a question would be to add a क्या at the beginning.


want and need the same word - chayiee ?


You need cold water.


No option of water is mentioned

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