"Apel itu"

Translation:That apple

August 15, 2018

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Does this mean The apple or That apple or This apple?


Itu is literally “that.” But it can also be used similarly to “the.” I find it better to avoid thinking about itu as “the,” as article adjectives aren’t present in Indonesian as the are in English. Ini is “this.”


Okay soo Apel ini = This apple Apel itu = That apple

Am I correct?


Yes, you are :)


"That apple" is "apel itu, "this apple" is "apel ini", and "the apple" is also "apel itu" but only used when there is "apple" in the last sentence. Here's the example, "Saya membeli sebuah apel. Apel itu murah." = "I buy an apple. The apple is cheap." You can also use "that" and I think it doesn't matter because they are interchangeable.


¿Que? Indonesian has "ini" and "itu" Filipino has "ito", "iyan" and "iyon"


Yes. The words "ito", "iyan", and "iyon" are used by the Tagalogs (a majority ethnicity living in the Northern part of the country). However, some Filipinos (particularly the Manobos and Agusanons) use "ini"


I did not know any about filipino, but ini means this, and itu means that


I was given this sentence with "pick the words" tiles - I didn't get a tile with "that". The tiles I was given were: "the" "apple" "orange" "drink" "apples" "to". I reported it, but I wasn't sure which category it should be reported as. How would I differentiate "the apple" and "the apples"?


Well usually the context will imply whether or not the word is plural, however, if it is not obvious they can be declared by saying the word twice, such as 'Apel apel' according to langfocus on Youtube.


Itu can also mean the. You could say these awnsers for that apple: Apel tu Apel itu

You could if you want to say the apples say Apel2 tu, Apel-apel itu, etc etc but it is implied the apples when you say apel itu. Hope that helps??


Too complicated, Indonesian is simple which you would discover if you were there longer than a holiday. Learn to speak the way they speak or you will not be accepted in a friendly manner. A few correct words or sentences go much further than speaking incorrectly which makes visitors appear foolish in their eyes. A proper tutor gets it right, not an online tutor who says you are wrong when you are right, worse if a lot of their English words are not spelled correctly.


Why can't it be "those apples"? (seeing as it comes up as an option).


Because its not plural.

That apple = apel itu Those apples = apel-apel itu


Those apples can also be Apel2 tu and apel tu.


"Apel itu" can also mean "those apples".


In basics, we assume everything is singular unless told otherwise


The proper translation is "apel-apel itu" because it's plural word, but actually we don't really mind it in daily conversation.


The word bank does not have option for “That”. Users need to use keyboard to have a correct answer


Itu/tu can also mean the.


i got mixed up with that and the... :(


As a tagalog speaker I was confused for a bit. "Itu" sounds like "ito" which means "this".


Aku suka 100000000 apel


Kenapa buka that an apple..?


Hello i am from Indonesia

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