"घर मत जाओ ।"

Translation:Do not go home.

August 15, 2018

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Does the voice sound weird?

[deactivated user]

    I think she sounds a bit sad, "No pleeease don't leave me, don't go home!"


    sounds threatening to me! XD


    Hmm, the phrase "go home" is a set idiom in English (i.e. "return to your residence")- I find it surprising that no postposition is used in the Hindi translation (should it not be घर में मत जाओ। ?)


    Well, Hindi goes a step ahead and treats what's idiomatic in English as normative. ;) Postpositions are not used to indicate destinations.

    मैं घर जा रहा हूँ। - I am going home.
    आज हम लोग गाँव जा रहे हैं। - Today we are going to the village.
    मुझे दिल्ली जाना है। - I want to go to Delhi.
    वह केरल जा रहा है। - He is going to Kerala.

    Using "X में जाना" implies movement into "X".

    वह गुफा में जा रही है। - She is going into the cave.
    घर में मत जाओ। - Do not enter the house.


    Ah, I see- what I wrote is "do not go into the home"- that makes sense. I appreciate your detailed answer. धन्यवाद!


    Glad to know it was helpful. :)


    What a funny sentece


    This is a type of thing that a charlatan would say, because he always thinks something bad about us.


    Yeh pagal ho gaya hai ra

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