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"Today is my sister's birthday."

Translation:Oggi è il compleanno di mia sorella.

March 29, 2013



I wrote 'della' instead of 'di' because there is a rule in Italian that possessives must have article before them and the article conjunct with a preposition if necessary. However, it didn't accept. Ma che succede qui???


The rule changes a bit with family members. With a single family member + possessive adjective, such as here, best to avoid the article.


I think you can drop the article if you are talking about direct family. This does not apply to 'partners' - only to married family members or blood relatives


happy birthday DL's sister :^)


Why is it di mia sorella instead of di mio sorella?


Because "sorella" is a feminine word. It would also be e.g. "la mia casa" (my house).


Why it's IL compleanno why do we need put "il" there


If you keep the word order it is the same in English: "Today is THE birthday of my sister". It is a specific birthday so a better question might be why don't we put a "the" in "Today is my sister's birthday" and I suppose the reason is that "my sisters's" replaces the "the" as a specifier.


Why di and no da?


Da = from. Di = of.

My sister's birthday would translate literally as "the birthday of my sister." So di would be used.

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