"Today is my sister's birthday."

Translation:Oggi è il compleanno di mia sorella.

March 29, 2013

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I wrote 'della' instead of 'di' because there is a rule in Italian that possessives must have article before them and the article conjunct with a preposition if necessary. However, it didn't accept. Ma che succede qui???


The rule changes a bit with family members. With a single family member + possessive adjective, such as here, best to avoid the article.


Why is it di mia sorella but a few questions ago it was della mia famiglia?


In Italian you leave off the article (il/la) for close individual family members. "Mia sorella" refers a single individual - my sister - and doesn't require "la."

"Famiglia" isn't talking about a specific individual family member, so it still requires the article: "la mia famiglia." Then di + la combines to give you "della."

Similarly, if you're speaking about plural family members, the article would also be required, because it's not about one specific family member. Ex: "of my sisters" = "delle mie sorelle."


But it is e.g. a sentence: il mio padre ha un leone. And there is -il mio padre


I think you can drop the article if you are talking about direct family. This does not apply to 'partners' - only to married family members or blood relatives


happy birthday DL's sister :^)


Why it's IL compleanno why do we need put "il" there


If you keep the word order it is the same in English: "Today is THE birthday of my sister". It is a specific birthday so a better question might be why don't we put a "the" in "Today is my sister's birthday" and I suppose the reason is that "my sisters's" replaces the "the" as a specifier.


Why is it di mia sorella instead of di mio sorella?


Because "sorella" is a feminine word. It would also be e.g. "la mia casa" (my house).


Why di and no da?


Da = from. Di = of.

My sister's birthday would translate literally as "the birthday of my sister." So di would be used.


I knew the answer would be backwards from English


Why not ed il compleanno?

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