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  5. "Mayai yalikuwa yamechemka"

"Mayai yalikuwa yamechemka"

Translation:Eggs had boiled

August 15, 2018



Why is yalikuwa needed here?


Without it, it would mean the eggs have boiled. To get the equivalent to had boiled, you have to use "be" in the past tense (---likuwa) and then the main verb in the (present) perfect (--me----------). I hope these examples help:

Mayai yanachemka. = The eggs are boiling.

Mayai yamechemka. = The eggs have boiled. / The eggs are (in a) boiled (state).
[(Present) perfect - focus on the present consequence of a past action]

Mayai yalikuwa yamechemka. = The eggs had boiled. / The eggs were (in a) boiled (state).
[past perfect - focus on the past consequence of an action even further back in the past]


Love the way you highlight the affixes and the English words they mean. I'd like to see this in the tips and notes - as a somewhat visual learner it would make them much easier to understand.


Another stupid english translation that is missing words

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