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  5. "Saya punya air."

"Saya punya air."

Translation:I have water.

August 15, 2018



Is the r on the end really trilled that much? It sounds awesome.


I think yes. The r in Jakarta is also pronounced like that


Really? Where in Jakarta you're? I was born and raised in Jakarta and never heard the letter r sounds like that.


Really ? My fiancé is from Jakarta Utara and everyone rolls their R’s like that. Better example to prove this is every time I’ve been in Jakarta I’ve spoken to locals and when I don’t roll my r’s they always have a confused look on their face as if the word was completely different that I said, but when I roll the R sound they go “ohhh mengerti”.

Another fact you have to remember is all the Malay based lanagues have borrowed a lot from Arabic (due to history) and that’s the reason why the R’s in the Malay lanagues are trilled.

some context to that last part I’m from western Scotland (Glasgow) and our accent means we don’t roll our “r’s”, it’s more light sounding when we pronounce the “r” sound, it Almost like we are saying “ahh” and not “Arrr”


Wait what, the r is normal


No, we don't pronounce the word air like that, it's too lebay :-D
Google Translate pronounced it better


Not lebay actually, it kinda fit to use especially when you find someone confused about what you mean.

Like this... Air ---> What? ---> Airrrrrr ---> Oh yayayaya i know what you mean

Makan ---> What? ---> Makannnnnnn ---> Oh yayayaya I know what you mean


Prompted by the hover thingy for punya I tried "I own water", but apparently that is wrong. :D


Own actually means punya, but it kinda more like 'possess'.

And people kinda use have frequently rather than possess in daily basis.


Why is "I have a water" wrong?


Because water is non-count noun


its says saya punya air then the question was 'i have ___ water' . It said the answer was i have got water

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