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  5. "Mereka membaca koran."

"Mereka membaca koran."

Translation:They read the newspaper.

August 15, 2018



does Quran sound different from koran in indonesian? how do you know the difference between the newspaper and the holy book?


They sound different. There's a slight pause in Quran, so like Qur'an. Also, the official word for Quran in Indonesian is actually 'Alquran'. https://kbbi.web.id/Alquran


In my experience Koran sounds somewhat close to the Dutch word krant. Meaning newspaper. My family pronounce it more like koran(d).


isnt translation "they read newspaper" correct?


technically yes, but because there aren't really any articles in Indonesian in order for it to make sense in English they expect you to put in an article


If the sentence for "I read the newspaper" told me to write "aku membaca koran", why isn't "They read the newspaper" accepted here?


Agree, it's quite common in English to say 'the newspaper' rather than 'a newspaper'. I think newspaper is a special case. If you were asked 'Where did you read that?' it would be more natural to respond 'In the newspaper' than 'In a newspaper'. Conversely you would normally reply 'In a book' and only use 'In the book' if there was already a specific book established in the context.


Why is they reas newspapers in plural wrong here?

[deactivated user]

    Your English is wrong. It's not "They reads newspapers". Its "They read newspapers". Reads can only be used on a singularity

    [deactivated user]

      Also read is used only on special occasions so no


      I wrote "They read newspaper" and was wrong. I'm not sure why. Does anyone know?


      They read the news?

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