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"Saya pergi ke bank, toko, dan sekolah."

Translation:I go to the bank, the store, and the school.

August 15, 2018



i don't think 'the' is essential before 'store'... but apparently 'i go to the bank, store and school' is incorrect...

also, agree, i would translate 'toko' as 'shop' before using the word 'store'.


This comment was one year ago! What are mods doing? Can someone give a respond?


I agree with you too


even if we have "the bank" and "the store", "the school" sounds stilted. It's not wrong, necessarily, but "school" like "home" is one of those nouns which doesn't require a definite article if it is in fact definite

[deactivated user]

    It does not seem to accept "shop" as a translation for "toko" although other sentences with "toko" do.


    Any chance we can have "shop" as well as store. I speak British English.


    About a month ago my husband & my Duolingo voice changed from a clear and easy to understand female voice to a terribly muffled mumbling male voice. It is impossible to understand him when he says the word "bank" sounds like "varn" every time! Many other words sound terrible too. For some reason my son's Duolingo voice didn't change to the man's terrible tenor, but stayed on the clear female voice. How can we change back to the female voice?


    Do not go. Self isolate.

    [deactivated user]


      ke when you go somewhere di when you are there


      Indonesian has no tenses hence the verb 'pergi' can be translated as either go or went.


      Why is "I go to a bank, a store and a school" wrong?


      It doesn't sound natural for what I'd say at least. Maybe that's what Duo thought as well?


      It sounds like he is saying dan not bank

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