"Tahu goreng"

Translation:Fried tofu

August 16, 2018

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Tahu Sumedang yang paling enak di Indonesia. Fried tofu is sometimes call Tahu Sumedang if it’s prepared a certain way and it is very delicious.


Anyone else find it hard to distinguish between "tahu" (tofu) and "tohu" (know).


know in verb sense and tofu in food sense. Depending on the sentence Indonesian's will understand what you mean.


no, tohu is wrong. both the verb and the noun is "tahu" not "tohu". how to distinguish is easy. if it is constructed as verb then it means know. if it is constructed as noun then it means tofu. average people with basic understanding of sentence structure in communication of any human language should be able to distinguish them easily. as for daily conversation, it is getting much easier because they are pronounced differently. tahu (know) pronounced with less sounding of the H, you will hear it TA-U without H. tahu (tofu) is always pronounced very clear with the H, you will hear it TAH-HU. it is very clear, you will distinguish them easily.


Tahu also a verb? Aku tidak tahu----I do not know...Tahu apa Kau


Tahu (food) = Tuh-Hoo

Tahu (verb) = Tuwoo


I keep writing 'friend' instead of 'fried'

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