Translation:a wizard

August 16, 2018



Isn't 'IDnar pIn'a' the proper term for "wizard" (at least for a true wizard, as opposed to a conventional magician who is a mIn yuqwI', or, literally, "illusionist").

It seems to me that a reSwI', in the absence of a canonical definition, might be better translated as "conjurer" or "spell-caster", which of course is what the word means literally.


https://www.qephom.de/e/message_from_maltz_161118.html :

A true wizard or sorcerer – like in Harry Potter– is a ’IDnar pIn’a’.

To conjure or to cast a spell, which is what wizards do, is reS. So a wizard or sorcerer can also be called a reSwI’.

I take the two expressions 'IDnar pIn'a' and reSwI' to be more or less synonymous, and for "wizard, sorceror" to be canonical definitions of reSwI'.


I stand corrected, thanks. boQwI' does not have an entry for reSwI'.

This said, if I may suggest, it may be helpful to add in the Tips & Notes for the "Magic" Unit a short explanation of the terms 'IDnar pIn'a', 'IDnar lIlwI', mIn yuqwI' and reSwI'. When I first encountered the unit, I found the overlap of terminology somewhat confusing.


I've expanded the tips and notes for that unit now. Have a look in a couple of hours when the change should be live.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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