"Mereka tidak suka kacang."

Translation:They do not like peanuts.

August 16, 2018

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“They do not like peanuts.”


"Mereka tidak suka kacang."
Translation:They do not like peanut.

“They do not like peanuts.”
Also accepted as a correct answer (I just checked it).


Is obviously good that it accepts the correct English translation ('they do not like peanuts'), but it shouldn't accept 'they do not like peanut' as this would be incorrect in English.


We can also say it as , 'They don't like peanuts ' both the answers are correct.


English translation needs to be "peanuts." I tried to report, but didn't get the option for "awkward English sentence."

(Thank you, Team Indonesian, for all your hard work. And congratulations!)


Sorry, isn't kacang mean nuts in general?


Correct. Kacang can be many nuts or beans


I have seen "kacang tanah" for peanuts, although kacang with a modifier can refer to a range of beans and peas as well as nuts (legumes generally) - the only other one I've run across in limited study is "kacang panjang", long beans. Is it possible on its own it tends to refer to peanuts?


On its own, it tends to refer to peanuts.

If you want to say various nuts and/or beans, you say "kacang-kacangan". This word pattern may also mean something that looks like it (kacang). Then you say "mirip kacang", looks like kacang.


Can you also say "Mereka bukan suka kacang."? Not sure I understand yet at which time you should use one or the other.


Good question. Bukan and Tidak mean the same thing but they are not interchangeable. It depends on the word they are negating.

Bukan negates nouns and adverbs. Eg. Itu bukan guan saya - that is not my dress (noun).

Tidak negates verbs and adjectives. Eg. Kami tidak suka - we do not like (verb).


It's usually 'peanuts' with an 's' in English because you never tend to eat only one. Same with other nuts and beans.


Also, if they didn’t like a single peanut, the sentence would need “the”.


It's irrelevant whether or not you tend to eat only one or not. In English we also don't say "They do not like sandwich".


If you use your keyboard and type the answer it'll accept "They do not like peanuts". The limitation of using the word bank is that the words are usually entered in using the singular form and don't take into account the context of the sentence it's being used in.


you would use 'they do not like peanut' if you were talking about a flavour, like what icecream do they like? they do not like peanut. but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense here :D


They do not like peanuts.


They do not like peanuts

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    Is there any way to memorize Kacang?


    "mereka tidak suka kacang" means"they do not like pesnuts". Anyways from this app is so special too!

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