"Kamu pesan tempe dan telur?"

Translation:Did you order tempe and eggs?

August 16, 2018

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would "did you order tempe and egg?" be an acceptable answer


yes, that's correct.


Why is it a past tense question when everything we've learned up to this point is all present tense? Shouldn't "do you order tempeh and eggs?" be acceptable?


There are no tenses in bahasa indonesia so the translation is up to you, if u wanna make it present, present, or past perfect. But the thing I know about this is that there some words in bahasa indonesia that indicate the tense of the sentence.


Usually the tense is indicated by an adverb of time, e.g. yesterday, before, later, etc. "Do you order..." should have been perfectly acceptable.


Agree there are times when the "correct answer" is inconsistent. I am annoyed that ada is not accepted for punya. Everywhere I've been in Indonesia uses ada when maybe punya is correct. I think the problem with duolingo (and mostly I like it) is that it is being too grammatically rigid and not reflecting current useage. Don't get me started on Musim Gugur - Autumn/Fall - they DON'T have autumn or spring or winter it's hot season, dry season, rainy season


Does this become a question just because of the "?" The grammar looks the same as a statement


yes. you can turn any statement into a question by using only question mark or questioning tone in daily conversation. but please do keep in mind, this is only acceptable in daily conversation and informal textual communication. in a formal situation, for example in an official documents or speeches, and also in indonesian language class or exam/test, this will mostly be unnacceptable.


I don't really know much about the grammar, but it is regarded as a question as it is asked in a questioning tone. Basically, it's pretty much the same as the English conversation you found in movies and books.

For example, "You eat oranges?" It has a same meaning as "Do you eat oranges?", but for English, that would be grammatically incorrect.

I don't know if Indonesia has the same grammar structure though. But, it is safe to use in a conversation.


shouldn't It be 'telur-telur' for 'eggs'?


Telur on its own can be either singular or plural depending on context. You only need to use telur-telur when you want to make the plural explicit.


How can we notice that it is a question when hearing it ?


You can recognize it through the tone used at the end of the sentence. It has that questioning tone like English and other languages.


"Did you order" is a better translation into English.


The voice sample is very unclear in the "dan telur"


It sounds like "tempe datur" - needs to be fixed


how would you translate "tempe" into emglish?


I think "tempe" if you translate into English is " fermented soy bean cake" (???)


In a question the tone rises at the end!


I use udah/sudah/tadi to create the past


Apakah kamu memesan tempe dan telur?


"Tempe and egg" not accepted for me

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