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" napsal svou třináctou knihu?"

Translation:Has he written his thirteenth book yet?

August 16, 2018



'Has he already written his thirteenth book?' has been marked wrong.


Do you have a question? Please use tye repoting button to report missing translations.


What's wrong with : 'He already wrote his thirteenth book?'


See here https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25405921$from_email%3Dcomment&comment_id%3D27688501

Expect it to be missing in other places as well. You are welcome to report them. I will add it here.


Oh, sorry, I somehow missed it is a question here. We do not have the affirmative word order here (yet) and I am not sure we should have. We do have the past simple tense already.

EDIT: I added it and many related forms. We also had some affirmative order sentences already.


How does one know this is a question? It does not sound like one in the oral. I'm having this issue with a lot of the exercises. The way Duolingo presents it, Czech does not seem to make questions clear with word order like English (usually) does, i.e. by starting questions with a verb or an interrogation word such as kdo. Thanks.


The text-to-speech is systematically ignoring the question marks, unfortunately. If you heard this asked by an actual human being, you'd know for sure it's a question, because the tone would be rising at the end of the sentence.

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