"Saya pesan ayam goreng."

Translation:I order a fried chicken.

August 16, 2018

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"I order fried chicken" jawaban benar juga


Sama bambang knp aku jawab i order fried chicken benar kayak nya Duolingo sih ajaib ini


There should be no article before “fried chicken”


Actually, the article "the" would work for me: "I am ordering the fried chicken." I could also see "a fried chicken," but ordering a whole fried chicken is pretty rare. It makes me think of the scene in The Blues Brothers when the recently departed Aretha Franklin (RIP) says, "the other one wants four whole fried chickens and a Coke!"


'i order fried chicken' or 'i order the fried chicken' are both correct in english.

here in australia, to say 'a fried chicken' is also appropriate, especially if you're ordering from a 'charcoal chicken' premises.


Doing a Google search, I see that's not an Australian thing, as there are several "charcoal chicken" places here in Chicago. I always assumed they were grilled or broiled in some other way, though. How do they use charcoal in frying a chicken?


true! i personally don't eat them, but i've dropped in a few times to pick up chicken for others, and you order 'a chicken' (not 'the chicken' or simply 'chicken'). i guess it depends on the type of establishment as to how you go about expressing your chicken order :)

the charcoal chickens i think are grilled really. but they're crispy and greasy looking, and i was thinking of that take away, fast food kind of vibe of 'i'll have a chicken, large chips, and a cola, thanks'.


An interesting question is whether ayam goreng is served whole in Indonesia. It's a rather tricky way to fry a bird of any size.


This translation "a fried chicken" is not correct for English. I keep missing the answer because as a native English speaker my brain automatically selects the correct answer. Which is incorrect in this module.


This happens a lot when these programs are in beta. The more of us who report it, the sooner it will be corrected.


It should not have the article "a" in front of fried chicken.


I think this should more correctly read: "I order fried chicken"


If you wan to say "i want to order..." would you say "saya mau pesan..."? Also, how would you say it more politely - I would like to order... ? Do you just add silakan at the end?


I often order fried chicken in a restaurant, but I almost never order A fried chicken.


The fried chickens are rather small here, so I recommend you all order a roasted turkey. Whole, of course, with stuffing. And a side of mashed potatoes. Now how would I say that?


Yeah I am ordering fried chicken or I ordered fried chicken is better to say

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