"Dia dan saya."

Translation:He and I.

August 16, 2018

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Him and I, Her and I should be acceptable considering that dia also means him or her


Proper English grammar is important here.
Most of the time, this sentence is used as subject-pronoun, for instance, in this kind of context:

-We have cats.
-Who have cats? Who is "we"?
-He and I.

Not "him and I", that's considered bad English grammar.

So, here "he and I" and "she and I" are both accepted.

The only case where "him and me" would be okay (both are object-pronoun), I think it would be to answer this kind of question: Who does he like?
So, yes, it should be accepted also. Both as object-pronouns.

He and I = both subject pronoun (as there is no tonic pronoun like in French, where you can say "toi et moi")
Him and me = both object pronouns.

A mix of him (object-pronoun) and I (subject-pronoun) makes no sense in English. Choose one or the other, not a mix.


Do we have a problem with English hypercorrectivity here? Him and me should also be fine. As we have no context there is no way of knowing if it should be subject or object first person.


Him and me is correct, but not him and I. There is a grammatical issue in English for that case. Correct answer can be : He/she and I (are cooking a cake) (This cake is cooked by) Him/Her and me (Between parentheses I added a context to clarify a bit)

And for Dio/Dia... i don't know, I'm still learning bahasa Indonesia as beginner


I think "Dio" is a name XD

There's no such word here


Thanks! That's was correct


Would him and I be accepted?


That would be acceptable to me.


It's not correct English grammar.


Mixing a pronoun (I) with an object (him) is bad English. You wouldn’t say ‘Him and I went to the zoo’. And for the purposes of good use of language, Duolingo rightly isn’t encouraging people to say ‘Me and him went to the zoo.’ It may be increasingly common but it’s incorrect.


I haven't seen your comment when i posted mine, and your explanation is better than mine.

This should be upvoted.


It's not bad to explain several times with different words. No worries.


Why "She and i" is wrong answer?


Would she and I be accepted?

[deactivated user]

    I said him and me but still got it wrong.... seriously people! Grammer these days!


    "Him and me" should be accepted if it's not. But the best answer is probably "He and I" and "She and I", as they are more commonly used. But you're right, we have no context here.


    I answered "He and I am" why wrong?


    Its kinda hard for me


    I'm not a native english speaker so, could anyone explain me why I can't use 'me' instead of 'I'?


    She And He Must Be Same

    The Meaning Same Is Dia


    It was REALLY hard

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