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August 16, 2018



We have been told, that case size matters in Klingon, i.e. h and H are different transliterated letters. Yet the choices have a initial capital letter.


I presume you had an exercise with three options to choose from.

In such exercises, the first letter of each option is automatically capitalised by the system -- something which is not appropriate for Klingon. Unfortunately, the code has not been adapted to suit the Klingon course in this respect, and this is something we course contributors have no control over.

Developers have been notified of this problem but I don't know how high up on their list of tasks this item is.

This is point 1c in the list of errors mentioned at https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26778885 .


Yes, I had three options. Possibly I have encountered this before, but now it suddenly struck me.


It's an annoying error.

I hope it will go away eventually, but it's been like that for months already. I'm not sure the Klingon course with its special needs vis-à-vis apostrophes and capitalisation is a high priority.

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