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  5. "What do you want on Kronos?"

"What do you want on Kronos?"

Translation:Qo'noSDaq nuq DaneH?

August 16, 2018



Just checking to confirm that you indeed cannot use the abbreviated version nuqneH ("what do you want?") here, i.e.: Qo'noSDaq nuqneH?


That is my understanding — it’s an interjection that stands on its own, rather than a verb that can form part of a sentence.

A bit like how you can’t use “Sup in Chicago this week?” as a synonym for “What is happening/going on in Chicago this week?” — “Sup?” for “What’s up? What’s happening?” Is just an interjection.


SuneH would be "you (plural) want" and says that there is no object -- so that doesn't fit this sentence, because there is an object, namely nuq "what".

SaneH would be "I want you", which is also not appropriate; you need a prefix for "you want it", not "I want you".

Thus it has to be DaneH "you (singular) want it" or boneH "you (plural) want it".

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