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  5. "Saya membaca buku Anda."

"Saya membaca buku Anda."

Translation:I read your book.

August 16, 2018



Why is it Anda with a capital letter?


"Anda" is always written with a capital letter. Think of it as a way of honoring the other person. You versus you.


I always get it really confused with "Andi". Why is "Anda" capitalised, and not "kamu"?


Seems the reason for that might be because Anda is formal vs kamu being informal.


As, for instance, German capitalizing formal you, 'Sie', and leaving informal you, 'du', in lower case.


Thats true. You can even play with the formality level of the informal 'du' a little bit in German by writing it with a capital D in a letter or email to stay friendly but show respect


That is exactly it!


But it was not written with a capital letter in a previous execise. Why?


It's no problem if u using anda with a capital or not. This app seems a little bit overacting. But if u ask which one is better between anda and kamu. I suggest use Anda


(It doesn't really matter when writing informally - especially on the telephone. Many written communications can appear to be exceptionally lazy... eg, slt mlm for "good night / selamat melam".

Learning the text-speak of the language is a whole other language, sometimes :p


Agreed. Text-speak is hard to understand, I can't translate it in Google!


you have a lot of langue corses!!


I put "I'm reading your book" and was marked wrong. It should be marked right as this sentence can be translated in different tenses


Not really, if you want to use continous tense you need to add "sedang" before the verb. But you can translate it as past tense indeed.


Then this should have been explained in the introduction before the exercises :q


Write am instead m it will be accepted... Terimah kasih, sempa jumpa... Happy learning...


can i say : saya membaca buku kamu ?


Yes, bc it would mean the same thing only Anda is formal and kamu is informal


Could we say : Saya membaca bukumu, instead of Anda (or kamu) ?


I think it would be accepted


How can I tell the difference between book and books in this sentence?


If someone wants to make it explicit that there is more than one book (which is rare), they will say "buku-buku". When speaking with people, it's easy to tell whether they mean one or more than one book by the context.


How can I tell the difference between book and books in this sentence?

You can't, there is not enough context in this sentence.


Duo marked me wrong when I said "I read your books." I guess I'll report it as an error ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Aku membaca buku-bukumu = I read your books. Saya membaca buku Anda = I read your book. This was not an error, it was an incorrect answer that was rightly marked as wrong.

There was no context provided to determine the exact meaning.


whats the diffrent between Anda and Kamu?


Anda (always capitalised, the same was as "I" in English") is more formal, businesslike and respectful.

The same as aku and saya. Except it is kamu and Anda.


Anda= You (Formal)

Kamu= You (Informal)


I was writing full sentence but accidentally i countinue it with have sentence


How can I tell the difference betwen read and reading in this sentence


You can specify it by adding "sedang" ("right now") before the verb. In a similar way, you can send it to the past by preceding the verb with "sudah" ("already"), or into the future by using words like "akan" ("will") or "nanti" ("later"). In general, the "time words" will tell you the tense. But the verb stays the same.


In Indonesian there aren`t time tenses. You can realise what is the time is talking about only by the context.


Is it possible to say "Saya baca buku Anda" aswell as "Saya membaca buku Anda"? Also is baca and membaca related? maybe my level of Indonesian is not yet strong enough to understand the difference.


It is possible and totally makes sense. However baca without the prefix is informal, meanwhile Anda is used in formal context. If you use that sentence people will notice you as a foreigner but that's fine


I just had a typo from your to you :c

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