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"That orange"

Translation:Jeruk itu

August 16, 2018



what is the difference between itu jeruk and jeruk itu?


The answer has been given above 5 months ago, on this page.

Itu jeruk. = the verb "is" is implied. That [is] an orange.
So, finally, the meaning is equivalent to a demonstrative in English.

Jeruk itu = the "itu" is here the article.

Itu can mean as an article the, or that.
Jeruk itu = That orange/The orange.


im still confused, im not natove english.


It has been answered

Itu jeruk = That is an orange. Jeruk itu = That orange.

Please scroll down


What's the difference between Jeruk tersebut and Jeruk itu?

I was asked to choose which answer said "That Orange" out of three answers. I started looking for Jeruk itu but it wasn't there, so I got it wrong and it told me "Jeruk tersebut" was the correct answer.

But why? What's the difference? Please and thank you! :))


What's the difference between Jeruk tersebut and Jeruk itu?

There is a difference in meaning, but both can be translated as "that orange" (depending upon context).

"tersebut" is more formal and is normally used as a reference to something that was mentioned earlier (in a previous sentence).
"tersebut" literally means "aforementioned".
"itu"= "that".


And I think they can also be both translated by "the orange", as tersebut, as something we talked before:

I bought one orange. Go in my kitchen, and eat the orange. (tersebut)


Tersebut means something that you said/told it before. So jeruk tersebut means a orange that you said before.


Geruk itu .that orange


This should be right! Or do they say it backwards? Would help to know.


shouod be Itu Jeruk


Itu jeruk = That is an orange.
Jeruk itu = That orange.


That is helpful; thanks Rick


Nope, Itu jeruk is That is an Orange Jeruk itu is That orange/The orange

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