"That orange"

Translation:Jeruk itu

August 16, 2018

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what is the difference between itu jeruk and jeruk itu?


The answer has been given above 5 months ago, on this page.

Itu jeruk. = the verb "is" is implied. That [is] an orange.
So, finally, the meaning is equivalent to a demonstrative in English.

Jeruk itu = the "itu" is here the article.

Itu can mean as an article the, or that.
Jeruk itu = That orange/The orange.


im still confused, im not natove english.


It has been answered

Itu jeruk = That is an orange. Jeruk itu = That orange.

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'The' is the definite article; 'that', as used here, is a demonstrative adjective. But my general question is, do adjectives follow the noun in Indonesian, either always or sometimes. I got one of these phrases wrong: I said that 'kuching putih' meant 'the cat is white', but the correct answer was 'the white cat'. So, adjectives of colour, at least, would seem to follow the noun.


If jeruk comes after, my answer is right


What's the difference between Jeruk tersebut and Jeruk itu?

I was asked to choose which answer said "That Orange" out of three answers. I started looking for Jeruk itu but it wasn't there, so I got it wrong and it told me "Jeruk tersebut" was the correct answer.

But why? What's the difference? Please and thank you! :))


What's the difference between Jeruk tersebut and Jeruk itu?

There is a difference in meaning, but both can be translated as "that orange" (depending upon context).

"tersebut" is more formal and is normally used as a reference to something that was mentioned earlier (in a previous sentence).
"tersebut" literally means "aforementioned".
"itu"= "that".


Tersebut means something that you said/told it before. So jeruk tersebut means a orange that you said before.

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