"Merah dan putih."

Translation:Red and white.

August 16, 2018

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Merah dan Putih ~ Like the flag of Indonesia :)


Fun fact: one theory for the meaning behind the colors is that red represents the human body, and white represents the soul (together they make a complete person).


No, for Indonesian people Red means Brave (Berani) and White means Chaste (Suci).


Like for any flag colors. There are always several interpretations, beside the "official" ones (red is blood, and white is spirit). Even if the berani/suci is an interpretation a posteriori, it's symbolically important for people.


But the true story is that the colors of the Indonesian flag are taken from this flag:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Majapahit, a buddhist empire.

The Indonesian national flag
"Sang Merah Putih" ("Red and White") or sometimes called "Dwiwarna" ("The bicolor"), derived from the Majapahit royal colour. The Indonesian Navy flag of red and white stripes also has a Majapahit origin. The Indonesian national motto, "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika", is a quotation from an Old Javanese poem "Kakawin Sutasoma", written by a Majapahit poet, Mpu Tantular.[8


Kayanya ga selalu gitu, deh. Maksud gue, kedua warna itu punya beberapa makna yang lain. Gue juga pernah baca kalo merah melambangkan darah dan putih melambangkan tulang.

It is not always like that, I think. I mean, the colors have some other meanings, though. I also have read that Red represents Blood and White represents Bones.


Jangan pakai bahasa gaul..disini yang belajar bahasa Indonesia juga adayang dari luar negeri,nanti semua tidak mengerti,pakai bahasa baku


It isnt slang but it just our language, usually used in west java


Iya aku juga pernah baca kalo arti merah itu darah dan putih tulang, juga ada yg bilang kalo merah itu berani dan putih itu suci, pokoknya ada banyak teori lah tentang arti warna merah dan putih

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    fun and sweet fact.


    well that's an impressive streak


    Fun fact, Canadian flag red was meant to stand for prosperity and hope .. the white for tranquility , peace and impartiality ( neutral), but the real truth is that when the current flag of Canada was adopted in 1965 there was still a government sponsored full blown and systemstic oppression and eradication of First Nations cultures underway via 'special enforced education and 'child care interventions' .. so much damage and cruelty resulted in irreparable damage to many nations , under the knowing eyes of the father of our current day leader, not that he should be accountable for his father's tresspasses, but worth a note. In regards to the blood spilt and entire genocidal actions in some cases.. to own our true roots red would best represent the blood of many men and animals that perished to pave the way for this current country .. buffalo hunted to near extinction , not as a food source , but slaughtered to deprive First Nations of food and their symbol. Beaver, the hardiest of engineers and maybe one to help combat clinate change , again hunted for fur only and near devastation, eradicated populations. Red is for the blood shed by my European ancestors , so short sighted and limited in their vision, a shallowness that seems even more pervasive nowadays.. the red is blood and the white of our 'beloved' flag is that of the first adopters of white supremist idealogy .. that is the truth we should own to never forget the reality and to see it NEVER should come to pass again


    And red means their bloods, white means their bone. Indonesia has independence in 1945


    That's right:3 btw i am from imdo


    i am from indonesia, thangks you are like flag indonesia :)


    And the flag of monaco:)


    On porpuse of Indonesian, i like the julius perdana channel a lot, it's cool it's about homemade planes and the man speaks in Indonesian, it's coolಥ‿ಥ


    They are, of course, referring to the flags of Austria, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, Georgia, Greenland, Indonesia, Japan, Monaco, Poland, Switzerland, Singapore, Tonga, Turkey, and Tunisia.


    The Polish flag is exactly the same but upside down.


    Also, the flag of Monaco is exactly the same as the Indonesian flag


    Actually, the aspect ratio is slightly different, and Konaco's red is slightly darker.


    But which one is upside down?

    [Vsauce music]


    As well as Latvia, Georgia and Hong Kong


    Not forgetting the Cross of St George, the flag of England.


    "Bawang merah dan bawang putih", Onion and Garlic


    Merah putih teruslah kau berkibar~


    Besok kita akan menyanyikan lagu ini, Saudaraku setanah air!


    Indonesian anthem? An alternative one? I don't find the lyrics here:


    Hee not Indonesia Raya, other anthem bro


    Dan has the same letters as english and. It's very memorable.


    Yes, with each being an anagram of the other, 'dan' is about the first word I'll remember with confidence!


    Merah putih - bendera kita! Red and white - it's our flag!


    In indonesian language they have givven so nice name to color white as putih


    'Red & White' is accepted.


    hi, im from indonesian


    Merah dan putih a fav word???????


    Merah putih bendera indonesia


    Ahhh, like the flag!

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      Merah dan putih - NUR DER FC KÖLN <3


      I heard Merah Hitam Putih


      Red and white also refer to elementary school uniform. Red trousers and white shirts. While for junior and senior highs, the colors are blue/white and gray/white

      Why is red/white color for the elementary school is because those students are the symbol of nation "buds" (idk the exact term for "tunas bangsa" lol)

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