"Menu minuman."

Translation:Beverages menu.

August 16, 2018



"Drinks menu" should also be an acceptable translation.

August 19, 2018


Should this not be “beverage menu”?

August 16, 2018


“Beverage Menu” would be better English. Beverage is a modifier, so it’s not usually plural in this usage, at least not in common American usage.

August 21, 2018


Either sounds equally correct to me. There is nothing wrong with plural modifiers per se (do you say 'drink cabinet' rather than 'drinks cabinet'?); I think it just boils down to what one's used to hearing.

August 24, 2018


The only time I've ever (previously) heard of a "drinks cabinet" was when I was deliberately trying to search for noun adjunct expressions with a plural noun (on the notion that perhaps they existed somewhere, but I couldn't come up with any off the top of my head), and it came up as something said in the UK. And I've never heard of a "drink cabinet" till now (I take it from your comment that this might not be surprising; perhaps nobody anywhere uses it). In any case I'm not sure what this thing is. If I guess the meaning correctly-ish, an American equivalent might be "liquor cabinet," although I get the feeling "drinks cabinet" is a much more fixed, well-established concept.

October 22, 2018


Drinks cabinet is used in Australia. As is drinks menu..in a restaurant it would be standard for a waiter to say would you like to see the drinks menu.

February 9, 2019


Beverages menu is more American English, it would be ‘drinks menu’ in British English and therefore both should be accepted

August 19, 2018


I doubt too many Americans have ever uttered the phrase "beverages menu"; it's usually "drink menu" (I suppose I can imagine such a thing in a formal-enough establishment being labeled "beverage menu," but I can hardly imagine uttering the phrase otherwise). To me the plural noun adjunct thing is a strong indicator of non-American usage.

"Drink menu" is accepted, anyway, so I would assume they got "drinks menu," too.

October 22, 2018


This should not be plural. It should be beverage or drink menu.

August 22, 2018


Drinks menu is standard here in the UK

October 17, 2018
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