"Ada belasan catatan di meja saya."

Translation:There are dozens of notes on my desk.

August 16, 2018

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A dozen is satu lusin, exactly 12. Ada selusin catatan di meja saya.

Dozens is lusinan, many sets of 12. Ada lusinan catatan di meja saya.

I think belasan is any number between 11 and 19, not exactly 12.


I use the word "dozen" in English quite similarly. Sometimes it's clear that I'm talking about exactly 12 eggs, other times it's a bit like saying you have more than a few of something when "a few" can be a bit ambiguous too.

A bit like the word "beberapa"; it's all "kira-kira".


There are dozens of notes on my desk. No 'a", plural dozen


Or alternatively you could remove the "of", which may be closer to the Indonesian translation?


lusinan- 1 about a dozen, 2 by the dozen
belasan-1 dozens, 2 between 10 and 20 according to my dictionary


On the table should be correct too


Very odd, though. If it were "di meja," only, "di meja ini," or "di meja itu" I'd say it would be translated to "table" but when a person takes possession of that table, as in "di meja saya," it becomes a desk.


I know that context is everything, but 'meja' with or without 'ini'/'itu'/'-nya'/'saya'/'dia'/etc is strictly speaking 'table' and the correct noun-phrase for 'desk' is 'meja tulis' ... at least as as I understand it. Doubtless where the focus is on the notes on the desk, 'meja' is sufficent.


Why is it not "di atas meja saya"?

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