"Ya, sama-sama."

Translation:Yes, you are welcome.

August 16, 2018

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Fun fact: "sama" is a cognate through Sanskrit with the English word "same".


sama-sama tapi berbeda.
same-same but different.


In Indonesian, we use "same-same" in comedy movies to make a funny meaning.


So, this is an answer to "Thank you"? So in this context, could it mean "Same to you.", but not as an answer to "Have a nice day." ? We use "Same to you" more generally.

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    It is used just like "You're welcome" in English.


    From what my girlfriend who is from Medan states, she said saying sama-sama is basically saying "same" or "back at you" "same to you". Not Your welcome. so basically sama-sama could be used as a response to someone saying thank you to mean your welcome. but in another example it could be used below.

    Friend: Aku suka jeruk (i like oranges) You: Sama-Sama (same)


    It doesnt work that way. I mean, your girlfriend translate this expression too literally :) if you want to response to someone who likes doing the same thing as you do, we often say "aku juga" that means "me too"


    Why can't I just put, "Yes, welcome."


    Karena tu menjadi "Ya, selamat datang."


    Because that is a different meaning of the English word "welcome". By itself, "welcome" means something like, "I am glad you are here". In Indonesian, I think that is, "Selamat datang". "You're welcome" is what Americans say in reply to someone who has thanked them. It means, "No need to thank me". That meaning is "Sama-sama" in Indonesian.


    Didn't forgive me missing an apostrophe in contracting you are to you're - I put 'youre'


    Is iya the same as ya?????

    I have seen iya in other language materials.


    Yes iya and ya are the same, people say iya more (me included) because it is a way to differentiate from the German/Dutch ya.


    "Sama-sama" could be translated as "Me too" in some contexts.


    I wrote 'Iya,sama sama.'but it said it's wrong.the write one is 'Ya,sama sama.'

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