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"Saya mau pesan minuman yang biasa."

Translation:I want to order the regular drink.

August 16, 2018



The article "a" should be accepted as well...


The article "a" is accepted now.


still ı cant get the yang mean


"Yang" is a word to indicate a specific thing that you're talking about.

"I have a cat." is "Saya punya kucing." "Saya punya kucing hitam." is "I have a black cat." "Saya punya kucing YANG hitam." is "I have a cat WHICH IS black."

A lot of times, you don't actually need to say "yang." (Frankly, half these practice sentences are very, very stilted.) But, if you're in a situation where you need to clarify something, or be specific about which one you're talking about, then YANG is your "the one THAT IS this specific way."

Does that help at all?

(Source: I learned Indonesian by living there. I'm only doing Duo to keep practicing so I don't forget it all.)


To my feeling it is like the الذي word in Arabic, they also have one word for it. In European languages it is translated in 2 words: 'That is'. In Dutch they call it 'die...is'. In French: 'qui est...'

I don't know if it is correct, but this translation fits perfectly in every sentence with 'yang' I've seen until now.

Saya makan apel yang merah: I eat the apple 'yang' red...I eat the apple that is red.


I'm still trying to wrap my head around it because it is not a single word in any of the languages I speak lol.


what's wrong with this lesson :')


Is "I want to order an ordinary drink" an acceptable translation?


Does biasa refer to regular as in normal, or regular in size (as opposed to a small drink)?


Normal meaning typical or everyday


Biasa in this indonesian sentence refer to something the costumer (the speaker) always ordered in previous visit.


I want to oder my usual drink or i want to order the usual would make more sense i think.


is the yang necessary? would it still make sense to omit "yang" and say "Saya mau pesan minuman biasa"?


Could you also use memesan here, as opposed to pesan? Would that make it too formal for this context?


I put in "I want to order regular drink." It rejected that and gave the correct translation as "I want to order THE regular drink." Does "minuman yang biasa" only mean "the regular drink" or can it mean just "regular drink" where "drink" is uncountable?

[deactivated user]

    "I want to order regular drink" is not correct English. You need "the" or "a" to make it grammatically correct.


    I want to order the standard drink should be accepted.


    I want to order an ordinary drink .. Is acceptable


    ❤❤❤❤❤❤!!! Why is the Yang necessary?!?


    yeh thats weird they should include the a lol


    I think this phrase is commonly used at McDonalds when they try to upsell to larger drink and fries. :~)


    We are learning conversation. In conversation "My Usual" or "The Usual" is more common in speech. The acceptable answers should reflect common speech patterns.

    It maybe correct in literal translation to ask for a "Regular" Drink. No-one speaks like this. So terms like, usual and standard which are parts of the common phrase should be accepted. Phil


    I put, i want to order regular drink That was wrong


    that is grammatically incorrect in english


    I used 'yang' as 'that is/which is' to form the answer, "I want to order a drink which is common".

    Would this be an incorrect way to express that I want what everyone else is having?


    "I would like to order the usual drinks." Why is that incorrect?


    'Usual please' or regular sized?


    What's the meaning of /yang/ and how to use it?

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