"Dia menjalani hubungan itu dengan tidak bahagia."

Translation:She goes through that relationship unhappily.

August 16, 2018

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"She is in an unhappy relationship." would be more typical English sentence.


I'd say the translation of menjalani here should be 'endure' or 'put up with'


I second all the comments


I don't. We are here to study Indonesian after all. To go through a relationship is maybe not the best English expression ever but it pretty much makes you aware of the Indonesian way of thought. We need to learn to think with Indonesian logic in order to speak Indonesian in a natural way and not just like a tourist reading stuff he doesn't understand from a travel phrase book.


"She is going through unhappy relationship." Or "She is experiencing unhappy relationship."


Seperti hubunganku aku sudah belejar bahasa indonesia untuk dia terkedang saya bertanya pada dendiri bagaimana hubunganku bagaimana hubungan kami apakah layak untuk belajar bahasanya maaf untuk commen itu hanga aku perlu menceritakan semuanya

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