"Kamu sehat?"

Translation:Are you well?

August 16, 2018

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Is "apakah" needed at the start of the question because the answer will be either "yes" or "no"?


Is "apakah" needed at the start of the question because the answer will be either "yes" or "no"?

'apakah' is put at the beginning of a normal declarative sentence to change the statement into a yes/no question.
It's needed/preferred in the formal style.
'apakah' can be omitted, as long as the sentence has another intonation (in the informal speech), so that it's clear that it's a question and not a statement.

'Kamu sehat!' = You are healthy!
'Kamu sehat?' = You are healthy?
'Apakah kamu sehat?' = Are you healthy?

If you put 'apa' / 'apakah' at the beginning of the sentence, then there is no doubt that it is a question and not a statement.


Are you healthy? = not accepted.
I think it should be accepted as well.


Accepted as of 10 September 2018. Thanks for reporting and thank you to the Indonesian team for quickly responding to user feedback!

[deactivated user]

    Can this phrase be used as a greeting like in some other languages?



    Yes, it can but is not Formal. We simply say "Sehat?" after "Apa kabar?"

    So, it is: "Apa kabar? Sehat?"


    "you are well?" is not accepted. Just curious as to why not?


    I put ....you are healthy... not accepted ..no question mark but as you cannot speak a question mark i would think you are healthy would be correct


    A rising intonation at the end would be a spoken question mark as in English, only I can’t hear one, a difficulty I keep having with this speaker.


    Agree. I heard this as a statement rather than as a question because of the falling intonation at the end. I was surprised to learn it was intended as a question.


    Are you healthy is accepted why do we need not need to say apakah to designate it is a question ..i see the question mark but we would not say ..kamu sehat question mark when we speak so i would think if you spoke ..kamu sehat ..it would actually say ..you are healthy ..any ideas as to this

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