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"DaHjaj ram bIQongchoHbe'chugh wa'leS bIDoy'."

Translation:If you don't fall asleep tonight, you will be tired tomorrow.

August 16, 2018



I have no issue at all with the grammar here. But one would normally talking about sleeping, not falling asleep, in giving such advice: DaHjaj ram bIQongbe'chugh, wa'leS bIDoy'.


DaHjaj ram could be replaced with DaH or SIbI' or tugh (because they want to keep choH for the lesson).


I understand the given solution is the correct one, but I tried using: "If you don't go to sleep", thinking that you can't voluntarily fall asleep, only put yourself in the condition to sleep, so it does not seem right (in English) to advise someone to fall asleep. Is "go to sleep" not a possible translation of "QongchoH" at all?

(edit) I have found just after this
yIQongchoH to be translated as "go to sleep!" So maybe this should be accepted too.

Also I don't seem to manage to get this right, even knowing the answer...

I tried If tonight you don't fall asleep, you will be tired tomorrow and this too was rejected. Well, I'll get more exercise out of this...


Are you saying go to sleep instead of fall asleep was not accepted? It should be.

As for "if tonight you...," that's probably just a matter of the creator of the sentence not thinking of every possible order in which you might have put the words.


I don't know what went wrong since "go to sleep" was accepted in all the variations. Is it possible you left out "tonight"? However we were lacking "if tonight" variations, so I have added those in.

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