How to improve your speaking (como melhorar a fala)

Hi everyone, I am Alex and I will give you tips to how to improve your speaking.

To improve English speaking, you need listen a lot, and repeat it as much as you can. Some of us should think it is boring, or simply want to step up to the next and keep learning new words.

The problem is you didn't pick up everything and you are already done to go to the next content.

So, how many time do you need to listen an audio? I would say as much as you can. As much as you can understand it. So, it could be 20 or 30 or more times.

I am not saying to do this in one day. I am saying you have to repeat until you have good understanding.

There are many studies that show the correlation between the speaking and the hours you have been listening. In another words, the more you listening the better. The much hour you have spend listening more quickly you will improve.

What a lot people usually do is, listen a content one or twice and than, change to another content. The person is listening more variety than good. Variety is good, but you need to consolidated what you are learning. The most effective way to learn is through the repetition. A good example is a child, before it starts speaking, they have listened a lot.

The main reason is because you have to create pattern in your head. That’s why you need to repeat many times. Let’s say, you have 4-5 minutes to adapt you level. You have to listen twenty, thirty or more times. Exactly as that! As I have mentioned, I am not say you have to listen in one day. My suggestion is repeat the audio three times a day during a week.

It’s seem crazy, but you will see how effective it is. You can learn a lot!

And the most important thing: is you can consolidate the phrases, the vocabulary, the pronunciation, and it becomes easier to use all of this in your conversation. If you do this as part of your routine, and you dedicate one hour a day to repetition to different audios, soon you notice a big difference.

You will become familiar with many structures and you will start to understand what you are saying without translation in your head.

Repetition is the key to consolidation.

If you have an intermediate level or higher, you don’t need to repeat so many times. What you can do is always listen to the same person. Focus on just one material, and than stick to it for a while.

You may prefer a particular phrases, vocabulary, expressions, etc… So if you listening to the same person, you’ll repeat more.

A good approach is to listening about the same topic consistently. Alghout you will repeat the same audio, you are repeating the vocabulary, expressions of the same topic. This rule of repetition is not strict, of course not. The important thing is to listening for many hours, and if you can repeat much better.

To finish this, find some friend that you can practice what you have learned.

I hope may this help you.

August 16, 2018


Thanks, Alex. These are good reminders for all of us. Constant repetition--I will work harder at that!! Karen

August 17, 2018

Thanks for the help. I struggle with my listening skills, and you have given me some good ideas on how to improve it.

August 21, 2018


August 24, 2018
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